Principal Message

Dear readers,

Hope that my address finds you in a good condition -mental, physical and psychological, as today, I particularly feel the need of strengthening the youth of my institution, society and nation, at large, to be fortified at these three fronts. Physically — Heading one of the most prestigious and noteworthy temples of knowledge, I personally feel that unless an individual is physically well – groomed, he or she cannot strive to make a mark academically.Following which, we, at GBW College, organize various health camps, free medical check ups, work out (Yoga) sessions, consolidation of our training regimes and much more, as it is a never-ending battle.Mentally-Our students not only excel in various spheres of their course curriculum but also refurbish our establishment by numerous honours in debates, dramas, poetry n prose, music and other arts too. Our faculty works round the clock and 24/7 to realize this aim, with a special emphasis on research fields & areas.

Psychologically :— Insensitive youth, today, have led to multiple dilemmas in our nation-not to mention the unfortunate incidents of stone – pelting on our soldiers, active involvement in sundry terrorist groups, communal violence, eve teasing, indiscriminate and beyond repair damage of our natural resources. Hence, realizing the need, demand and urgency of the moment, we continually seek to inculcate awareness and sensitivity of our surroundings, in our children. We aim not at producing just ATM machines. We aim at making our city, our society and our nation a pleasant and not an undesirable place to live in. In this Herculean task active participation of parents is also solicited.

So come “lets be a part of solution and not of problem”.

A Million Thanks